NEW POPE: Perhaps there is hope….

Retired Episcopali Priest, John Shelby Spong writes as follows about Pope Francis:

“Homosexuality, we now know, is no more a choice than is skin color, gender, blue eyes or left-handedness; yet the prejudice against homosexuality, now largely gone in the secular world, continues to linger in this Church, encouraged by the condemnation that continues to emanate from the hierarchy. Dare we hope that this new knowledge might somehow permeate the structures of the Catholic Church and find expression in this new Pope?

It took 400 years for the Vatican to admit that Galileo was right! In this day of instant communications waiting for centuries to address a public problem is no longer an option. The perpetuation of sexual ignorance, revealed in dated sexual prejudices, can no longer be tolerated by the thinking world.

Hopes burn brightly at the beginning of every new administration, whether it be religious or political, and Cardinal Bergoglio appears to bring many things to his new position.
–Because prior to his election he was an outsider, he comes to this position with little baggage and thus he has the freedom to act.
–Because he is from outside of Europe, he brings a new inclusiveness to Catholic Christianity. —-Because he is a “Latino,” he represents the largest concentration of Catholic worshipers in the world today. Forty percent of all Catholics today are “Latinos.” One third of the Catholics in the United States are “Latinos.”
–Because he is a Jesuit, he brings to his office the Jesuit commitment to intellectual rigor and honesty……..”and more

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