“We Conservatives……” wrote Sen. Rob Portman

Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio, announced this week that he could no longer oppose gay marriage because his 21 year old son is gay and he wants his son to have the “joy and stability of marriage” that he and his wife has had for 26 years and which he also wants for his other children.

He wrote “We conservatives believe in personal liberty and minimal government interference in people’s lives. We also consider the family unit to be the fundamental building block of society. We should encourage people to make long-term commitments to each other and build families, so as to foster strong cable communities and promote personal responsibility.”

What a wonderful message!! For a full story see http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/16/us/politics/ohios-portman-says-he-supports-gay-marriage.html?ref=todayspaper&_r=0&pagewanted=print

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