PFLAG Alamance is located in Alamance County, North Carolina.

Join us for our monthly support meetings at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held in the Community Life Center at the Elon Community Church at 271 N Williamson Avenue in the town of Elon across the street from the University. Get a map and driving directions from your location.

For December, 2022 only:  we will be celebrating the holiday season with a potluck beginning at 6 PM on Tuesday, December 6. Please consult the November 29 newsletter below for more details.

Individual support

In May, 2014, PflagAlamance announced a new service. Since sexual orientation and gender identity issues are often difficult for parents and their children. members of PFLAG Alamance will meet individually with parents or with LGBT individuals. We’ve been there, and are dedicated to offering support and understanding in both individual and group settings. If you feel you or your loved one could use a little help, call us at 336-584-8722 and leave a message. We will arrange a meeting.

Check our blogs

See recent and past blog posts classified as current news or personal views. These can be accessed on the right side of any page.

Stay in touch via Facebook or monthly newsletter

If you want to comment, please go to the PflagAlamance page on Facebook. Please tell us you “like” us and give us your own views. Then “Share” so that we can reach more and more parents, family members and friends of LGBT persons in Alamance County.

In addition, we send a monthly e-newsletter, summarizing relevant local news for the LGBT community and supporters. Contact us by email at info@pflagAlamance.org if you would like to receive it. We respect your privacy and so send it as a blind carbon copy, meaning your email address does not appear for anyone else to see.


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