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Sensible Solution Possible on HB2

Excerpt from a long thoughtful editorial in the Burlington Times News on April 15, 2016: “We still believe a reasonable solution can be found that doesn’t mean high school kids of the opposite sex are taking showers together after gym … Continue reading

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At least, One Carolina Governor Gets It

From the Burlington Times News, Apr. 12, 2016 What a difference a governor makes. Not our governor, I’m sorry to report.   To see good leadership at work, look south, to Columbia, the capital city of the other Carolina.  A Republican lawmaker there … Continue reading

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UPDATES ON HB2 Few issues have mobilized the state, and even the nation, than North Carolina’s hastily crafted legislative action known as HB2.  This action by the NC Legislature and immediately signed by Governor McCrory writes into state law discrimination … Continue reading

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