Representative Jim Crawford, who sponsored the amendment, stated this week that, “I will definitely vote against it because I think it goes too far.”

Some other quotes (from www.ProtectAllNorthCarolinaFamilies.org )

“Some of the consequences (of Amendment One) may harm women, children and families throughout North Carolina.”

-Harvey Gantt

“Victims of domestic violence deserve the right to protect themselves and their children. The real danger of Amendment One is to domestic violence victims, their children, and loved ones should the amendment pass. Vote AGAINST Amendment One on May 8.”

-Elizabeth Froehling is executive director of North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“[Amendment One] encourages the public policy that you have to marry your abuser in order to get domestic violence protections.”

-Amily McCool, Wake County Assistant District Attorney from April 2, 2012 statewide Legal Aid Telecourse

“To be clear, Amendment One is anti-family and anti-child.”

-Rob Thompson, Executive Director, Covenant With North Carolina’s Children

“One half of my pediatric practice comes from children…and this amendment does something that I think is quite catastrophic. We have one million kids who may lose services and the ability to be seen in the health care system…and so I stand as a veteran, an ordained Baptist minister, I stand as a North Carolina Senator, and I stand as a [physician], to say that I am with my colleagues that we are against this toxic and shocking amendment.”

– Dr. Eric Mansfield

“Any provision that has to be put into the ‘miscellaneous’ section of the constitution immediately raises questions about whether it should be in the state constitution,” he said. “It’s probably not a provision that ought to be in.”

-Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, a Republican

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