Pearl Berlin and Lennie Gerber of High Point, NC

“Their dream is get married before their 50th anniversary in 2016.

That dream seemed to be receding when the General Assembly voted in September to put a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the May ballot. Gerber and Berlin intend to fight it — by writing letters, participating in rallies when they can, and telling their story.

Regardless of what the voters decide, they will continue to live together and love each other as they have for nearly half a century.”

This is an excerpt from a February story in the Greensboro News and Record, reprinted on March 26th in the Burlington Times News.   More follows:

“We’ve had a wonderful life together,” Gerber says, “And we love each other dearly. So how can we complain?”

But the idea of this amendment hurts and angers Gerber, who has great reverence for the law, and especially the Constitution.

“The Constitution is the bright, shining document of our country and state,” Gerber says. “Civil rights were won because of the Constitution. Brown versus Board of Education was won because of the Constitution. Loving versus Virginia was won because of the Constitution.”

The beginning of the N.C. Constitution is taken almost verbatim from the Declaration of Independence”

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Let’s not write discrimination against couples like this into our North Carolina constitution!

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