Phone Bank Organized in Alamance County

Alamance County residents will call registered voters in Alamance County through a Phone Bank organized by ProtectNCFamilies.  The next phone bank group will meet on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 6 pm at Elon Community Church on Williamson Ave, across the street from the University.  All Opponants of the Amendment are not only welcome but urged to come!

The purpose of this phone bank is to make brief calls to Alamance County registered voters and to find out which ones are Against the Amendment.  Then before the May vote, these people can be called again and URGED to vote.  We want to energize those who oppose the Amendment.  We don’t want to argue.  If people are undecided, we will have information to help them clarify what they think.

The calls will be brief—but we need to make a LOT of them.  Come help!

For more information, call ellie ketcham at 584-7225 or email

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