HB2 is out of touch

Ever wonder what the “I” in LGBTQIA” means?
NBC  news recently published a story that adds yet another dimension to the emerging awareness of the wide spectrum of issues related to sexual orientation and gender. The article follows the story of “Ellie.”
Ellie is not transgender. But if she were subjected to a school policy that mandated students use the restroom that matched their biological sex at birth, Ellie might be forced to use a bathroom with the boys at her school. That’s because she’s genetically “male.”

Just about a year ago, Ellie’s mom (who asked that her last name not be published) took her to the doctor to find out why she wasn’t experiencing certain symptoms of puberty. That’s when the family found out that Ellie is intersex; she was born with Swyer Syndrome, which means she has XY chromosomes like those typically found in boys.

Want to know more about her story?

This article and others like it are revealing even more reasons laws like HB2 are out of touch with the realities the medical science.

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