Utah’s Constitutional Amendment 3 “Demeans the Dignity of Same-Sex Couples”

Utah Federal Judge Robert Shelby has called its constitutional amendment contrary to the 14th Amendment of the US constitution, writing as follows:

Amendment 3 perpetuates inequality by holding that the families and relationships of same-sex couples are not now, nor ever will be, worthy of recognition. Amendment 3 does not thereby elevate the status of opposite-sex marriage; it merely demeans the dignity of same-sex couples. And while the State cites an interest in protecting traditional marriage, it protects that interest by denying one of the most traditional aspects of marriage to thousands of its citizens: the right to form a family that is strengthened by a partnership based on love, intimacy, and shared responsibilities. The Plaintiffs’ desire to publicly declare their vows of commitment and support to each other is a testament to the strength of marriage in society, not a sign that, by opening its doors to all individuals, it is in danger of collapse.

See http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2013/12/a-federal-court-brings-gay-marriage-to-utah.htm .

This decision, now under appeal, may point to the way NC’s Amendment One may be repealed.
Watch Utah and hope……………

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