Methodist Church Gives Rev. Schroeder 30 Days to Give Up His Credentials

In other words, he must promise to never officiate at a same-sex marriage again or he must defrock himself.
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NC Methodist pastor Rev. Jimmy Creech was defrocked by the church ten years ago for standing up to his convictions about same-sex marriage. His comments about Rev. Schroeder are below:

” The jury imposed a 30-day suspension along with a mandate that Frank commit to full compliance with the United Methodist Book of Discipline (meaning, he’ll promise to not conduct more same-gender weddings) or he must surrender his credentials of ordination. The jury didn’t have the integrity and courage to take his orders from him. The jury gave him the knife and expects him to stick it in himself. They’re asking him to choose between his integrity and his credentials, between justice and bigotry. Either way, he ends up being the executioner, instead of the jury.”

From a Board member of Pflag National comes a comment from another Methodist minister:

“Though now retired, I have been an ordained UMC minister for 57 years and I am saddened that my denomination has not only limited the lives of clergy who are openly gay, it has prohibited clergy from providing ministry for same-sex couples who wish to have a union or a marriage. Penalizing Rev. Schaefer, a father who–as a father–ministered to his child by officiating at his wedding, is nothing less than devastating. I and the other PFLAG National board members express the strongest solidarity with Rev. Schaefer and his family.”
—-Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell.

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