In both New Jersey and California, gay conversion therapy

(sometimes called “reparative therapy”) is facing its first tests in

Courts….for full information, click on this link to a New York

Times article, 11/28/2012:

In response, Pflag National has issued the following statement:

 “LGBT youth and their families must have access to supportive, safe, and most important, accurate information, and medical doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists have a responsibility to convey such information. The doctrine espoused by so-called “ex-gay” organizations – that gay people can and should change their sexual orientation – is dangerous, and has been condemned by every mainstream professional medical and mental health association. What LGBT youth need is not to be told to change who they are but, rather, the love, support, and acceptance of their parents, families and friends.”

In addition,this issue was featured on November 28th by Dr. Oz, and so-called “experts” testified to the effectiveness of conversion therapy.    Pflag National writes as follows:

PFLAG National believes strongly that there are no legitimate experts on the pro side, and that Dr. Oz’s neutral position on the subject was a poor choice on his part.  To that end, we have a statement running on the show, and later today we will be issuing a national press release, in partnership with GLAAD and GLSEN, denouncing the episode and calling on Dr. Oz to make a statement opposing the harmful practice of so-called reparative therapy.

Please make your opinion known to Dr. Oz!

There are several ways to reach the show:

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