What About Gay Culture?
By DAVID M. HALPERIN, Ann Arbor, Mich., New York Times, June 21, 2012
David M. Halperin is a professor of the history and theory of sexuality at the University of Michigan and the author of the forthcoming book “How to Be Gay.”

“IT’S gay pride month again, and that means it’s time for the straight media to deliver its annual state-of-the-gay report.

“If experience is any guide, this exercise will involve a lot of triumphalism about the progress of the gay movement, as measured by the increasing cultural assimilation of young lesbians and gay men into American society as a whole.

“Gay men in particular, who used to frighten the horses with flamboyant displays of sexual outlawry, gender treason and fabulousness, have supposedly dropped their insignia of tribal belonging and joined the mainstream. Gay men, it seems, have become indistinguishable from normal folk. Now, that’s progress for you!

“Back in the Bad Old Days, or so the story goes, there was such a thing as an edgy, subversive gay male culture. But it was an artifact of homophobia. Older gay men may still thrill to torch songs, show tunes, classic Hollywood melodramas and Lalique; they may still spend hours arranging the furniture just so.

“But all that foofy stuff looks irrelevant to modern gay men, who don’t see themselves as belonging to a separate culture, let alone such a queeny one. For today’s gay men, life is composed of PTA meetings, church socials and Nascar races.

“The problem with such a claim……………”

for more, go to http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/22/opinion/style-and-the-meaning-of-gay-culture.html?pagewanted=print

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