Three Gay Teens Speak Out Honestly in New Videos On Line

New videos are on line at showing three teenagers coming to terms with their sexuality in various parts of the United States.   Two are thoughtful gay guys,one of whom has been physically attacked in his neighborhood.   The third shows a 14-year-old lesbian member of a church which accepts her sexuality.     

These personal stories are directed at young people,  like others which have been published on line in the last year, ever since the website entitled  http://www.  was established last September. 

Another web source is .    It shows excellent interviews by the Associated Press, asking two questions:  what do you think people have the hardest time understanding about your life as a gay in America;  and how has being gay influenced your life.

But these new stories are not about how things get better, but about how to cope NOW with the way you are…..teens talking to other teens.       

These young people had the courage to be photographed and to tell their honest  stories, in order to help other teens coming out.  We hope they will help some readers, and if they do, we hope you will tell others on Facebook–at PflagAlamance’s site there.

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