Mitchell Gold Interview on TV

MSNBC Interview on


Video of Mitchell Gold’s TV interview  on October 4th , about the relationship of Bullying and Teen Suicide:   See

He said “…I want to talk about bullying that kids get from their parents and bullying they
get from their religious institutions.”

And here is a personal story in response to that TV interview:

“I ‘knew’ I was gay by the time I was 10 years old; and
the anti-gay messages I heard at church (which, by
appearances, were supported by my family and my
culture) caused me a great deal of shame, fear, and
(by way of my own behavioral choices) alienation.
As an out adult I now consider those same messages
to have been a form of child abuse, and I commend
you and your organization for shedding light on this
in a way I’ve not seen before. Thank you!  –     Chris”
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