27,250 ? What Does This Number Mean?

27,250 is  the number of North Carolina’s unmarried, same-gender domestic partners counted during 2010 census.  The figure represents a meteoric rise from the last national count of 11,052 in 2000, making same-sex couples one of the fastest-growing demographic groups in our state.   Obviously, there are other same sex couples who did not care to come out in the census data.   But still, the increase is significant.

 For more information, go to http://equalitync.org/news1/census-data-reveals-same-sex-couples-among-fastest-growing-demographics-in-nc.

 The NC  legislature is projected to vote in the fall to bring to popular vote a constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage.  North Carolina is the only southern state which does not constitutionally forbid it.  EqualityNC has led the movement to “keep discrimination out of the constitution.” 

 Since it has been shown that when people know gays and lesbians, they are less likely to oppose same-sex marriage, we are hoping the census data bodes well for keeping this proposed amendment off the ballot.   For information about the proposed amendment, go to http://equalitync.org/actioncenter/news1/amendment.

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