Don’t be Wedded to Every Tradition!

 The Bible and Same-Gender Marriage 

We liked this column about same gender marriage by Rev. Douglas S. Long, the  Minister at Umstead Park United Church of Christ in Raleigh.  It appeared recently  in the Raleigh News and Observer and can be found in its entirety by clicking on this link:

Dr. Long writes, “anyone can pick and choose a verse or phrase from the Bible which, taken alone and literally, will appear to support their argument. While people of the Judaic-Christian tradition may disagree on the propriety of same-gender marriage, can we at least agree to not misuse the Bible in the process?

“Those of us who consider ourselves progressive Christians value the Bible too. It is a huge part of the spiritual witness leading us to understand that all people are God’s people, that every child is holy and that every person is part of the sacred family.

“We believe that God’s love embraces all, and that to exclude any person would be contrary to the message of Jesus – and we joyfully welcome committed same-gender couples among us just as fully as we do committed couples composed of men and women.”

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