Day of Action in Raleigh: February 15th

EqualityNC has set Tuesday, February 15th, as the Day of Action (Lobby Day) for 2011.  We have many new people in the NC Senate and Assembly and it is important for them to know what we LGBT supporters think.   Richard Gunn is our new Senator.  Dan Ingles became the Assemblyman for some of us  a year ago; he is relatively new too. 

We will carpool to Raleigh, leaving here at 8:15 am and arriving back around 4.  EqualityNC organizes us and tells us where to find Senator Gunn and Assemblyman Ingles (and Assemblywoman Alice Bordsen).  EqualityNC will give us lunch.  We will meet other advocates from all over the state.  We will have fun!

But we will do some important things:  we will tell our representatives how upset we will be if they write discrimination into the constitution (Marriage Amendment) or if they try to water down the School Violence Act.  We will advocate for a bill to prevent employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  EqualityNC provides written materials to guide us about these proposed laws.

We CAN make a difference.    Email or call Ellie Ketcham at 584-7225 if you have questions, or to join the carpool.

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