Immigration Won’t Let Her Bring Her Partner Home

This Post is exerpted from a letter from a young woman who grew up in Alamance County, moved abroad to work, met her life-partner — and now finds that US Law does not provide legally for her to bring her partner home.   Pending legislation in the US Congress would help; it’s called “The Uniting American Families Act.”

Reprinted with Permission:

Normally we don’t think of ourselves as different.  We are two people in love and live our lives.  But it was made painfully aware to us, when we discovered that United States immigration law prevents me from entering the country with her as my partner.  As far as the United States government is concerned, she is no more than a friend, whom I could leave behind when I return to the United States…..

“The consequences are that when I decide to return to the US, I will not be able to sponsor her for a green card.  And any time we arrive at the border, we will face the danger that they send her back.  This is a real fear, based on others’ experiences.

“As I do not intend to return to the United States without her, and I do hope to see my family on a regular basis, there is only one solution that I know of:  to change the law.

“I would like to ask for your help.  Senators and Congressional Representatives are sent to Washington to represent their constituents and therefore need to know what the folks at home believe in.  Would you be willing to write an email or make a phone call to Senators Hagan and Burr, and Congressman Coble or    . (see below for addresses)

I am only one small voice in a state of 8 million.  My email alone will not convince them to support the Uniting Americans Families Act.

“I am constantly wondering: “what if I find a job in the US? …or what if my parents ever need me?   How can anyone expect me to leave my partner behind?

“Currently the United Americans Families Act is the only solution to this problem.  It would amend the law to allow me to bring her to my home in the United /States.”

Here’s how to contact our representatives in Congress:

Senator Hagan: or 1-877-852-9462 (Washington) or 336-333-5311 (Greensboro).

Senator Burr: FuseAction=Contact.ContactForm or 1-800-685-8916 (Winston) or 1-202-224-3154 (Washington).                              

Congressman Coble: or 229-0159 (Graham) or 1-202-225-3065

Congressman Miller: or 336-834-2343.

Ask your Senator and Congressman to support the United American Families Act because it matters to people in Alamance County.  Current law discriminates unfairly against the citizens of our own county.  For more information see the human resources campaign website:

Ask them to support the United American Families Act because it matters to people in Alamance County.  Current law discriminates unfairly.  For more information see the website:

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