“Straight for Equality” pledge

We who are supportive “Straight Allies” can normalize our GLBTQ family members and friends by being visible ourselves and speaking up.  Take the “Straight for Equality” pledge at http://pflag.org.  It says:

As a straight ally committed to supporting and advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, I will:

Come out.

I will acknowledge and work on any uncertainties I may have in “coming out” as a straight ally, and, as I grow in confidence, I’ll increasingly let my family, friends, and colleagues know that I support equality for GLBT people.


Speak up.

Whenever I have an opportunity, I’ll say something supportive of GLBT people, whether I’m responding to a homophobic joke or remark, commenting positively about a current event, or making the case for equality in a discussion.


Join in.

I will review the many recommended actions provided through Straight for Equality that will help me create change in big and small ways and incorporate those with which I am comfortable into my growth as a straight ally to help move equality forward.

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