Film Screening–a Success!

A hundred and fourteen people bought tickets to see “For the Bible Tels Me So” at the Paramount Theater Sunday night. We were a little disappointed in the numbers but not in the quality of response. Virtually everybody stayed for the Q and A, and the questions were excellent.

There was a question about the “macho focus” of the way our culture encourages us to raise boys. Even gay guys know it and try to hide their more feminine side.

There was a question about the “don’t tell” culture of many churches in Alamance County: “we welcome gays, but let’s not talk about it.” Dan Karslake, Director/Producer/Writer of the film, made an eloquent statement about churches: “If there is any place where people should be free to be themselves, it is in their church,” he said. Integrity is at the heart of Christianity, and it is a basic need of gays.

Brenda and David Poteat introduced their accomplished daughter, Tonia, who grew up in Haw River but now lives in Atlanta. She will be studying for a Ph.D. in International Public Health at Johns Hopkins next year. Tonia answered questions about whether anyone ever chooses to be gay and about how difficult it is to come out to your family.

PFLAG would like to hear from other members of Sunday’s film audience. Will you email comments to Tell us what most impressed you during the film and the Q and A. Thanks!

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